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Dermajuv Neck & Chest
Product Information Sheet

Dermajuv Neck & Chest Revival System for neck wrinkles, sagging skin and sun damage in the upper chest areaProduct Description:  The Neck & Chest Revival System from Dermajuv is designed to address a common but often forgotten problem - aging skin on the neck and chest areas.

Neck wrinkles and roughness in the chest area are often a giveaway of a person's age, even when they have taken extraordinary care of the skin on their face. Currently, this dual-formula system is the only one we know of designed to rejuvenate and revive skin in the neck and upper chest area.

Dermajuv's revival system for the neck and chest promises to firm, lift, moisturize and enrich the skin as well as eliminate wrinkles, fade discoloration from sun spots and regenerate and heal skin cells. More than a simple neck wrinkle cream, this system works to provide an instant lift to loose wrinkled skin in the neck area and provide long-term wrinkle removal too. It also firms and reduces age spots and lightens sun damaged skin. 

Product Details:  Two products are contained in the Dermajuv Neck & Chest Revival System and are to be used for 30 to 45 days per system instructions.

Dermajuv's Neck Restoration Cream and Dynamic Age Defying Serum work together to give better results than a single product use on its own. After the initial cycle is complete, some users start another cycle and others find that one product is enough to maintain their results and keep the skin in this area healthy.

Key Age-Fighting Ingredients:

Neck Restoration Cream contains Matrixyl, Stem Cells, Sesaflash and Hyaluronic Acid

Dynamic Age Defying Serum contains Matrixyl and Renovage

Customer Feedback:  Because this is a new product, little was found outside of the official website. However, there are some detailed customer stories complete with pictures on the product description page at Dermajuv's site and they are worth reviewing prior to purchasing this system.

Note: Overall the Dermajuv line of skin care products has positive customer ratings. When we searched for feedback on their Complete Rejuvenation System we found nothing but positive comments. See their customer success stories here.

Buying Information:  You'll spend $178.98 if you purchase these 2 products individually. However, when you purchase them together, as a system, the cost drops significantly. You can save even more when you purchase more than one system at a time.

The Dermajuv Neck And Chest Revival System is covered by Dermajuv's 30-day money back guarantee.

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Be sure to read about the Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation system as well. It's a complete solution for rejuvenating facial skin to help you look younger.