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Relevé Facelift Kit
Product Information Sheet

Releve Facelift KitThe Fast-Firming Facelift System from Relevé Organic Skincare consists of 3 anti aging products that work together to give you amazing results both instantly and over time.

Available as a complete Facelift Kit, the system includes Daily Infusion Facelift Cream, Bamboo Mist and Nutri-Zyme Organic Peel. When used daily as part of your normal skin care routine, these all-natural organic products will transform your skin and nourish it from the inside out.

Relevé Organic Skincare is the company behind the Facelift Kit as well as a complete line of 100% organic skincare products. Perfect for anti aging concerns, the Relevé products are completely natural and contain no chemicals or toxic preservatives (such as parabens).

The line is completely safe to use and in addition to improving the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, it can also help correct skin problems such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and more. Here's a look at the individual Relevé organic products included in the Fast-Firming Facelift System:

Step 1: Nutri-Zyme Organic Peel (use every other day)

Releve Nutri-Zyme Organic PeelNutri-Zyme Organic Peel is the safe and effective alternative to chemical skin peels. Exfoliates by removing dead skin cells using 100% natural enzymes. On top of that, this organic skin peel improves your skin's appearance and health using whole food components that are made bio-available to your skin immediately.

Natural enzyme based formula removes the top layer of skin safely and effectively. It then provides a whole food based source of retinol directly into your skin. Unlike commercial skin peels, you'll get great results without the need for anesthesia, swelling and down time that usually come with a medical procedure. With usage every other day for a month, you should see results similar to that of a traditional chemical peel with significantly less out of pocket cost.

Relevé Nutri-Zyme Organic Peel Ingredients:

  • Bio-Extracted Whole Organic Papaya (Carica Papaya)
  • Organic Pineapple (Ananas Comosus)
  • Organic Asparagus Tips (Asparagus Officinalis)
  • Spring Water
  • Seaweed Extracted Fucoidan (Fucus Vesiculosus)
  • Clay Extracted Fulvic Acid Mineral Complexes
  • Flavonol (Citrus Extracted Flavonoid Complexes)

Step 2: Daily Infusion Facelift Cream (use every day, up to 3 times daily)

Releve Daily Infusion Facelift CreamThe Daily Infusion Facelift Cream gives both instant results as well as progressive anti aging benefits over the long term. Second only to cosmetic surgery, this fast-firming cream uses ingredients found in nature to attack wrinkles, sagging skin and other telltale signs of aging.

Not only is the facelift cream fast and effective, it contains no harmful ingredients whatsoever. It is completely safe and non-toxic. By using the active ingredient Flavonol, your skin's condition will be restored and revitalized. Flavonol is a Citrus Flavinoid Peptide Complex that is bio-extracted and derived from organic food sources. Your skin will look younger because it is healthier. Once you try this cream you won't want to be without it - ever!

Relevé Daily Infusion Facelift Cream Ingredients:

  • Bio-Extracted Seaweed (Bladderwrack)
  • Bio-Extracted Proprietary Blend of Organic Cereal Grasses
  • Flavonol (Bio-Extracted Citrus Flavinoid-Peptide Complex derived from Organic Food Sources)
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Bio-Extracted Quaking Aspen Tree Bark
  • Bio-Extracted Horseradish Root
  • Organic Lecithin
  • Vanilla Absolute

Step 3: Bamboo Mist (use after Daily Infusion Facelift Cream)

Releve Bamboo MistThe Bamboo Mist is an essential part of the Fast-Firming Facelift System. It serves multiple purposes including toning and firming the skin, restoring and brightening skin tone as well as hydrating and nourishing the skin. Used along with the Daily Infusion Facelift Cream, the Bamboo Mist helps the nutrients absorb deeply into the skin. It can also be used on its own throughout the day to perk up your skin.

Relevé Bamboo Mist Ingredients:

  • Fresh Spring Water
  • Bio-Extracted Structured Bamboo Water
  • Bio-Extracted Fulvic Acid Mineral Complexes
  • Organic Orange Essential Oil
  • Bio-Extracted Horseradish Root

Relevé Fast-Firming Facelift System Reviews - Does It Work?

What are customers saying about the Facelift Kit and the Relevé Organic Skincare line in general?

Because this is a brand new product line, there is very little information about customer feedback online about Relevé organic products. I'm sure that will change once the word gets out about this line and as organic skin products become more mainstream.

Here's what I can share with you though...

I was lucky enough to try the product before it was released to the public in January 2012. In fact, I ordered the complete product line back in early November 2011 and have personally tried each product that is offered by the company.

woman gives double The entire line is fantastic...

The products work every bit as well as advertised and you get the added benefit of putting natural and healthy products on your skin. I expect this line to be popular with those who have sensitive skin types as well. Because the ingredients are natural, they are not harsh and should not cause negative reactions like many skin care products do.

Although I like and use all of the products, the Daily Infusion Facelift Cream is by far my favorite. It really does firm the skin - I have definitely noticed a difference from using it. The results continue to get better over time as well.

The real test was when I was without it for a few weeks and really missed it - the product was not available during the couple of weeks before the official launch in January and I ran out. I can tell you this - I will do everything possible to make sure I don't run out of it again - it's really that good!

Possible Drawbacks Of Using This Product Line

The only possible negative I can think of regarding this product line and the Facelift Kit specifically is this - it is a system and so you have to perform a series of steps to get the promised results. When you use an all-in-one product such as LifeCell, you apply one cream and you're all set. With this system you apply everything in a certain order and of course, this takes a bit more time.

Is it worth it? 

I think so - especially if you want to use an organic skin care line that really delivers the results. You could always keep a quick fix solution on hand for those days when you just don't have time to go through all of the steps but still want to look your best. Using the Relevé Organic Skincare line every day on a regular basis will give you the best results, but missing one day here and there won't make a huge difference in your progress.

Where To Buy Relevé Organic Products & Getting The Best Deal

Relevé Organic Skincare products are available only through authorized distributors - the line is not available in stores. Fortunately, you can order online and save quite a bit off the normal retail prices. Each product may be purchased individually, but you will save even more when you buy them as part of a set.

Using the special link below you can SAVE $60, a generous 24% discount, on your order. If you're interested in receiving monthly shipments you can save another 10%, but that is completely optional. 

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