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SkinCell Vial #29-A
Product Information Sheet

Product Description: SkinCell Vial #29-A claims to be the world's most advanced anti wrinkle serum available today. But is it really? The science behind this serum is peptides - 6 different peptide types known for their wrinkle fighting properties.

At a 99% concentrations vs. 2 to 5% for most of the leading creams, SkinCell Vial #29-A definitely has an advantage in this area. According to the company website, the product performs better than other creams by 257% on average and gets rid of wrinkles 5x faster.

SkinCell Vial 29A anti wrinkle serum

When it comes to getting results, most of us prefer sooner rather than later. Many users of SkinCell report seeing results very quickly. In as little as 3 days you can start to see significant wrinkle reduction, by as much as 50% in some cases.

Of course the secret to this serum is the high peptide concentration. Because we tend to lose collagen as the skin ages, the key to restoring skin firmness and elasticity is to boost natural collagen production. Peptides help with and encourage this process.

SkinCell's high concentration of peptides makes it more powerful than most leading products on the market today, which contain a much lower peptide concentration. It is more expensive to include top of the line ingredients, but the results should speak for themselves.

Product Details: Potent ingredients are what make this serum special according to the main website. Fast results are made possible by including key peptides to fight wrinkles and aging skin. SkinCell Vial #29-A can be used all over the face, including around the delicate eye area to fight crow's feet, fine lines and wrinkles. Let's take a closer look at the specific key ingredients found in this anti wrinkle serum.

Eyeseryl - A tetrapeptide with anti-swelling/fluid retention properties, Eyeseryl is able to help get rid of wrinkles and reduce puffiness and sagging around the eyes. Significant reduction in puffiness and under-eye bags has been shown to take place in as little as 15 days.

Matrixyl 3000 - Shown to reduce wrinkle density by 33% and wrinkle volume by 23%, Matrixyl 3000 works to restore and repair aging skin. Deep wrinkles are targeted with great success, experiencing an average surface-area reduction of over 44% during clinical testing.

SYN-COLL - As the name suggests, this patented peptide works to build collagen and increase the skin's natural production of new collagen which leads to firmer, younger looking skin with fewer wrinkles and greater hydration. SYN-COLL penetrates deep within the skin to repair wrinkles and stretch marks that are the result of aging.

Snap-8 - Safer and cheaper than Botox, this variation of the well-known Snap-8 anti aging peptide Acetyl Octapeptide has been clinically proven to target wrinkles topically. Particularly helpful with forehead wrinkles and fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, Acetyl Octapeptide works by constricting muscle movement in areas where lines and wrinkles commonly form. Wrinkles are smoothed away with no injections necessary!

Argireline NP - Also known as Acetyl Hexapeptide, Argireline NP helps with wrinkles on the face and around the eyes by working to prevent muscle contraction as well. Gravity, environmental factors and recurring facial expressions all take a toll on the skin's condition. This particular peptide helps with these obvious signs of aging for a smoother, younger appearance.

PentaPeptide-13 - Acetyl Pentapeptide works in combination with the other peptides to reduce and even eliminate wrinkles and fine lines that commonly occur due to repetitive facial expressions. A modified version of Leuphasyl (shown to reduce wrinkle depth by 25 to 47%), Acetyl Pentapeptide keeps the other peptides working together for better wrinkle reduction capabilities overall.

The 99% peptide concentration found in SkinCell Vial #29A is made of the following:

  • 50% SYN-COLL
  • 19% Argireline NP
  • 12% Snap-8
  • 12% Pentapeptide 13
  • 5% Matrixyl 3000
  • 1% Eyeseryl
  • 1% Hyaluronic Acid

Customer Feedback: There's not a lot of independent feedback available. On the product website you'll find a number of customer testimonials, all of which are positive. But, there's not much available on review sites not affiliated with the product.

While we like to see a lot of positive feedback, it's also nice to not see much on the negative side. This seems like one of those situations where if you believe the product might work for you, you may just have to try it yourself to find out for sure. Of course this can be true for almost all of the skin products on the market.

Additional Information: On the product website a comparison chart is provided. Benefits of SkinCell Vial #29-A include high concentration of peptides, long-term results, eliminates wrinkles around the eyes, 100% safe and natural and money back guarantee. The competing products are shown to not measure up in 1 or more of these categories.

While the intent of the company is to show the benefits of their product over the others, the information may not be entirely accurate. One of the products is shown to not have a guarantee, for example. However, with that particular product we know first-hand that it does have a very generous guarantee.

Also worth noting, at the time of this writing prices for this product seem to be lowered to sale price rates and for certain sized orders a free eye cream is included, 7 Second Eye Lift.

Buying Information: Ordering is safe and secure at the Company's website. Credit cards, PayPal and Google Checkout are accepted. A 30-day money back guarantee is offered and orders are shipped within 24 hours.

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